The early rains of summer seemed to deepen the emotional sky of the youth, of all the 12th grade students, the 10th and 11th grade students. The mixed feelings of the school year closing ceremony as smiles of everyone enbrighten the atmosphere but some found their own cozy space of emotion in a corner, trying to hold their tears as they induce themself that everything will be alright and the sky will be blue again. The school year summarization of 2019-2020 ended successfully and beautifully, with radiant smiles, but also shed tears as the 12th grade students are leaving the school.

Just like every other years, the two main contents organized by the THSP High School are the Closing Ceremony of the School year (2019 - 2020) and the Graduation Ceremony for students of the VI course (2017-2020).

As a tribute from the youth of the students to the teachers who have always been wholeheartedly teaching their kids the rights and to avoid the wrongs, the performance of students from grades 6 to 8 opened the ceremony with the skit "The first teacher" with a lot of really meaningful messages.

Mr. Minh - the Principal of the School - gave everyone his sincere advices for their upcoming adventures. The words of the teachers fuel the fire inside the students' hearts as they soar through the sky of their vast dream. On behalf of the teachers and everyone, we are truly grateful to our teachers for teaching us how to be good people, how to be polite, how to live a faithful life and how to treat life the way it should be treated.

Of all the activities that the ceremony brought, now come to possibly, the main event of the period, is to reward and commend the academic achievements, activities, diligence and efforts of all members in the school.

The whole school comprises a total of:

+ 340/491: Excellent students

+ 139/491: Good students

The teachers have also made efforts in recording the highest achievements that students earned by their hardworks, including:

+/ Le Vu Phuong Thao: highest point on school average (9.5)

+/ Mai Ly Nhu Ngoc: highest average point of grade 11 (9.48)

+/ Nguyen Thi Thu Hien: the highest GPA of grade 10 (9.3)

In addition, there are 3 classes that achieved the most diligent and competitive achievements in the entire school:

- First place: 11B2 

- Second place: 10A1

- Third place: 10B1

Moreover, the University also commends those who have made excellent contributions in the THSPM Club and individuals who have achieved high results in the contest of Science and Technology. Besides, the contestants who excelled in the 1st "Mountain of knowledge" contest were also awarded the certificate of merit and worthy gifts.

The school year 2019-2020 has gone through many difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic, but the teachers and students of the THSP high school still managed to have achieved astounding results.

In the second part of the ceremony is probably the most awaited moment, because the end of today is the last of the youth of the VI students under the roof this school as everything is now a memory of the past.

Hosting the Ceremony of Gratitude has a new section with two of the cutest MCs, Ms. Nguyen Tran Ngoc My B2K6 and Nguyen Khanh Dat B1K6.

Surely when attending the ceremony, no one was not moved when watching 4 anniversary clips of 4 of the 12th grade classes. The siblings recorded their entire youth under this school with continuous applause from the audience after each clip as it has touched the emotions and tears of many people. The time of high school is not short, nor is it long, it is enough for each of us to experience every emotion as much as possible. "There is one thing high school teachers do not deceive us ever, it is that time passes very quickly but also very quietly." The 12th grade siblings gave all the people a very passionate and exciting singing repertoire, deep in every subconscious, the nostalgia and sadness that maybe nowhere else can bring such indescribable emotions.

The last part of the ceremony is giving flowers to the teachers, parents and the last grade siblings as they shared the last pictures together, laughing and hugging each other at the very end of the high school year. "Youth is like a rain, even though we have caught a cold because of the rain, we still want to immerse ourselves in the rain again". May the best will come to the 12th grade students as they walk their own path optimistically, steadfastly to walk on the way ahead. On the road ahead, knowing that it will be tough, but behind there is always parents, teachers and friends will always support our beloved brothers and sisters, and THSP always welcomes you to come back whenever you can, because, "The youth is like a rain, even though we have caught a cold because of the rain, we still want to immerse ourselves in it again".

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