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Is it time that time has passed by so unintentionally, youth passing through life is swept up with beautiful memories of a time. Recently, it's been more than 1000 days that Course 6 siblings have been together, studying together, playing together, and laughing together.

When going to school late, having to try to run quickly to make it in time, exams day and night on a desk full of documents, and even sitting and smiling with my friend we considered our best. All will forever be beautiful memories, very peaceful and a little bit of something called lingering for a while. Now you have to gently arrange that memory domain in the phoenix corner lying quietly on the schoolyard to come to a new horizon - where all will be strange, is far from current memories, in the past.


So it is close to the destination, just a little more effort, you will be able to reach the stop of success, which is a worthy achievement to make up for the tiring days and nights. 1000 days is not short but never long enough for us to spend the best days of a student's life. That time is about to come to an end, but the memories will always remain in everyone's heart. Sad, happy, angry, blame each other also. Wherever you go, where you go, these beautiful times will still remain in everyone's hearts.

Only a few hours left and the decisive moment of life will come. On behalf of the teachers and students of the entire school, THSPM - THSP Media Club would like to wish you all good health, optimistic, loving life and calm-confident-winning. Be "brave warriors" on the path I have chosen!

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