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“Ê ê chạy huốc rồi. Quành lại quành lại” - “Hey hey run away. Gone around "

“Mèn đét ơi! Thì ra là dị đó hén?” - "OMG! So it was weird? "

Rustic, simple and sincere, people in the Western capital have created a sparkling Can Tho, so easy to approach.

My friends often ask, "What's in your Can Tho?"

In Can Tho, I have the largest and largest Truc Lam Phuong Nam Pagoda in the West, a gentle Hau river flowing along the Ninh Kieu wharf with undulating branches and canoes. This place is blessed with a fertile motherland, planted hundreds of different types of fruit trees with a very unique ecosystem.

Truc Lam Phuong Nam Pagoda

From dawn, visitors can immediately "book" a three-leaf boat to go to Cai Rang floating market - the second most famous market in the world with the unique lifestyle of the West River, where it was once specialized. Culinaryist Gordan Ramsay enjoys Western noodle dishes. Travel magazine Rough Guide (UK) has voted Cai Rang Floating Market one of the 10 most impressive markets in the world, described as a special fancy point with the sales of boats "colorful tropical". Then come to the Sau Hoai noodle oven to enjoy the strangely delicious “Pizza Noodles”. Visitors can immerse themselves in the middle of the rich nature and experience activities such as pouring sandwiches, watching snakeheads fly, they can visit "light" at Con Son. In addition, visitors can participate in water activities at My Khanh Tourist Village and visit Truc Lam Phuong Nam Zen Monastery to pray for the good. At night, go along Ninh Kieu wharf, stand from the sparkling pedestrian bridge to see the night view of Can Tho city.

Cai Rang floating market

There is no shortage of delicious dishes in Can Tho, from the traditional Cam Leaf Tet cake, to the fragrant sewer cake with the duck hot pot cooking "fragrant fleas" in the cold summer rain like this is too great. .

Can Tho is so beautiful, the personality of Can Tho people is even more amazing. They are ready to invite you to their home to experience many things of the West. They can get you where you need to go without any paycheck. And they always help you, smiling at you, and their faces full of kindness and hospitality. More than anyone, they always care and ask about everyone's life, they are always fresh, so they love this person full of feet in the West.

In Can Tho, I do not have majestic mountains, but there are fields that stretch out, golden and shiny each season. There are also no towering skyscrapers, but they are willing to invite visitors to their home as a real homestay. And the people of Can Tho always love each other, for example, when on the road, whenever they see someone driving a car without putting their feet up, they gently remind "Dear friend, you haven't put your feet up yet!".

The peaceful beauty, the people of the way, the folk dishes have been given to many tourists and have quietly made such a simple and loving Can Tho!

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