Tofu with sugar water - the childhood food

English: Ha Hoan My B2K7

 Street vendors seems to have deposited in each person's soul a simple and charming beauty. But to leave the aftertaste and deep inside memories, it must be said to carry the sugar water tofu on the edge of the market that we somewhere have accidentally forgotten in the flow of hearty buffet of adults, flashy, and sumptuous paint dishes. 

Combined from the soft and freshness of the tofu, plus the deep sweetness of the sugar water and the strong aroma of thin slices of ginger. All combined to create a bowl of crap, now not just a dish but also a hand to soothe children in the harsh sun of a summer noon.

So where did tofu come from? 

Based on a Chinese legend, tofu was created when a chef decided to experiment with flavoring steamed soybeans. Tofu is the result of being combined with nigari sea salt. Nigari sea salt is still used today in the making of tofu. 

When eating tofu with sugar water, you hardly need to chew a lot or bite hard, children often stay in their mouth for a longer time to enjoy the soft, tender feeling of the tofu and the lingering sweetness. 

Southern tofu is denser, compared to tofu in the North and Central (known as tofu and fried noodles), which can also contain fragrant coconut milk. In Saigon, the way to enjoy tofu is also very creative, not only popular with the usual way of eating like in the North and the Central, but also popular many other ways to enjoy such as beamed tofu with ice, coconut water. ... called a stone tofu ship. There are places where they also eat tofu with many other side dishes such as pearls, jelly, lotus seeds, longan. 

The sugar-water tofu appears as a beautiful memory, making people no matter how many delicious dishes, strange things, or ever tried through many flavors of paint, this dish is also unique. our mind is like a part of childhood and a part of being human.


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