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Recently, the third week flag ceremony of the school year took place successfully in the atmosphere of excitement and expectation of all students of High school Teacher Practice-CTU. The airy, cool air on a rare sunny day amid erratic weather has intensified the spirit of active learning in this shared house.

The flag salute took place as usual with 2 main contents: Comment of the school delegation on the learning habits, working style of each part of the school as well as that of the teachers of the past school week, and the part no. What is missing is the entertainment from the duty class, namely 12A2 (A2K7).

Looking at the comments of the Youth Union, in general, the learning situation of the classes is well done, in order, many of them get a lot of plus points in the subjects, this is a good thing. However, for a number of reasons, there were 2 classes with A minus and one K grade. Thereby, the delegation also emphasized: “It is necessary to overcome the current situation soon to achieve better results for the time after". In addition, the number of 31 turns coming from the late arrivals of the students due to not having a proper time schedule, is also the point that all members of the class need to pay more attention and remind each other to avoid dropping the competition class of the whole class. As for the red stars, the 10th grade (K9) currently does not have a name tag, so the red star temporarily still does not record grade 10 in the entry without the name tag. And there are many other issues that need to be improved, especially the learning situation and order of each student in particular and the whole school in general.

Mr Phong - The Youth Union     

After all, the part that people look forward to most every week is the performance of the 12A2 live class. Opening with a female duet repertoire "My song" - a song that has stormed the online community for a while, performed by friends Bao Nghi and Hong Chi. Following the program, there was the participation of two warm male singers Nguyen Minh and Quoc Kiet with the song "There is a boy who writes on a tree", which has captured the hearts of many young people in school. Finally, there is still the most awaited performance each week: modern collective dance. With flexible movements, stage charisma and a vibrant and strong spirit, the dance performance from 12A2 left a lot of surprise and admiration among the students, making the atmosphere of the day. The beginning of the week adds freshness and energy as well as dissipates any gap in everyone. According to a confession from Truc Vy (12A2) to the whole school that this might be the last performance of the class, the class danced very hard, with both the spirit and the burning heart of youth. Spring is burning day by day.


Dancing - class A2K7

With the atmosphere of the performance of class 12A2, we hope that we will add an extra source of energy to teachers and students of the school to reap more success in the new week.

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