Recently, the 5th morning assembly week took place smoothly in the bustling atmosphere of all students of HSPH-CTU.

The cool air in the middle of unusually sunny days seems to have created more positive energy for students to learn in this shared house.

The morning assembly took place as usual with two main contents: Comments of the school delegation on the learning habits of the students, the working style of each school division, and the performance we most expected. is the live performance of class 12B1 (B1K7).

school yard

Mr.Phong - the Youth Union

In general, the remarks of the Youth Union, the learning routines of the classes were done well, many of them got ten points and plus points in the subjects. However, there are still classes with A-, B and K grades. Thereby, the school delegation emphasized on: "It is necessary to overcome early to improve the score next time". In addition, many students also wear slippers and crocs. As for red stars, grade 10 (K9) now has a name tag, so the red star will be more strict than those who forget the name tag. There are still many other issues that need to be improved, especially the learning of each class in particular and the school in general. Some announcements came from the assistant principal of the school, there were seven related students participating in the scholarship section, the team leader of the clubs will come to see her during recess (October 6, 2020), and information about The US scholarship exam and survey will be announced in the near future.

B1K7 class performance

After the comment of the delegation, the next part that we all look forward to is the live performance of the class 12B1 (B1K7). The theatrical performance of the literary work "Chi Pheo " performed by the class 12B1 in parallel is the duet repertoire of two cute sisters Doan Khanh and Nguyen Le with bustling mashup songs for you. the students could not take their eyes off the stage. With the energetic and enthusiastic dances from 12B1 and the meaningful content drawn from the literature "Chi Pheo", has caused an impression, with a charismatic but very profound and meaningful performance.

With the class 12B1 welcome flag we hope that our next week in the common home will be less and less violating and achieving great success in the coming weeks.

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