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In the joy of the first day of the week, all the students of High School Teacher Practice entered the eighth school week with a very exciting, joyful and energetic performaces of A1K8 class.

The whole school yard

The opening event was an indispensable salute ceremony every Monday, all the students sang the song "National Anthem" in a solemn posture. Next, the check-in session took place with the preliminary competition of the week, some announcements about the activities in the three and interesting performances of the A1K8 class. And especially, it is the donation program to support the people in the central region who are facing the flood.

School teachers

First, Mr. Phong – Vice President of the Youth Union, who represented the rector board, announced the competition scores last week.

Overall, the entire students performed quite well in terms of rules, although there were some cases of being late due to high tide. Overall, the school neglected to be late this week. In terms of learning, the whole students has performed relatively well, achieved many plus points, high scores in tests along with enthusiastic and positive lessons. However, there are still some problems such as not bringing documents, doing private things, using the phone during class. Besides, there are still a few classes that have not strictly followed the rules (including 9 lessons with A- and 3 lessons with B).

Classes ranked for the week

In addition, the assistant class studying in the classes should pay more attention in covering the beginning of the test and the test, reminding the teachers to sign the opening book as well as the assessment after each lesson to avoid the deduction of the weekly competition score. Thereby, the school also reminded all students to seriously implement the rules to improve their scores and improve their learning spirit to prepare for the upcoming exam. Finally, there was the announcement of the competition rankings for the week with three excellent classes winning the top three rankings of 10A1, 11A1 and 11B1 respectively. 

Program to support Central Vietnam

The most noteworthy event at the October 26 was the program to launch a donation to support flooding people in Central Vietnam. As we know, the central  is now heavily affected by rain, storm, flood, and landslides, especially in the provinces of Thua Thien Hue, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, and Quang Nam. .. The devastating destruction of natural disasters and floods has brought considerable damage to people and their property. In order to spread out the spirit of mutual love, the school's steering committee called on all students to join forces to help the people of Central provinces through that alarming period. Responding to that call, our high schools have actively donated and helped with all the heart. Right on this day, the donation has reached 23,901,500 VND. To contribute to the program as well as to raise the spi.rit of "the leaves protect tattered ones”, 11A1 class had a quiz about proverbs related to "mutual love" along with those small gift for other students to enthusiastically participate in answering. Following that program, which is the most anticipated part of each week, is the music performance from A1K8 class.

Quiz section

Opening the performance is the song "Mot ngay mua thu" with the deep voice of Anh Quan, bringing a atmosphere. Meeting the expectations of teachers and students, Yen Ngoc made listeners unable to take their eyes off the performance by her powerful voice by the song “Instagram” . Especially with the coorperation of Vinh Phi's voice in the song "Shallow" with Yen Ngoc, both of them presented the whole school with a wonderful duet. And in the end, our class was extremely skillful when choosing the very cute and dynamic song "Co gai M52" to stir up the vibe with Nguyen Khang and Gia Cat’s repertoire .It’s definitely a blast in the first week's activities.

Briefly,by those performances, A1K8 class wishes our teachers and students will have a energetic and successful learning and working week.

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