English: Nguyen Le Minh Khue (A2K8)

In the joy of welcoming a new week full of enthusiasm of students, the teachers of the whole high school, the event under the flag week 9 took place extremely smoothly.

Opening the activities under the flag is the opening ceremony of the flag at the beginning of the week, together with the solemn attitude of the school singing the national anthem in unison.

Next, the check-in session took place with the competition preliminary session of the week, some announcements about the new week's activities and the exciting performance of the class 11A2. First, Mr. Phong, the deputy secretary of the Youth Union, reported on the results of the past week's competition, reminded the restrictions and disseminated the activities of the coming week. In particular, he reminded the students of the three grades to review and prepare for the first semester exam. Last week, he saw a remarkable improvement in learning. Besides, there are also many students who do not belong to the lesson and do not bring documents. Last week, there are still a few classes that have not strictly followed the class rules, so they include: 5 periods A minus, 2 periods B and 1 period K. In addition, the assistant class must pay more attention in reminding teachers to sign. register as well as class evaluation to avoid the competition score deduction for the week. Along with that, he also praised the three classes with the highest ranking last week.

Regarding the Halloween contest on the evening of October 31th, Mr. Ut also commended the classes for their excellent performance with the "Haunted Fashion Show" Halloween costume design contest.

Besides, Mr. Ut, on behalf of the whole school, welcomed the practicing teachers.

On the side of the school delegation, he also launched a movement to welcome Vietnamese Teachers' Day November 20th. The activities included good class competition, good class sessions of the branches, the contest for grades 10. More specifically, the contest "Ring the golden bell" will be held on November 20th with the participation of students and teachers of the whole school.

In order to create an exciting atmosphere in the welcome flag at the beginning of the new week, the 11A2 team brought a unique performance to the school. The opening of the performance was the song “Perfect”, followed by the song “Mat troi cua em” mashup “Tinh dang nhu ly ca phe” and “Hai the gioi” with your warm, ecstatic voices mixed The melodious melodies of the guitar brought everyone a joyful atmosphere on the first day of the week.

The most exciting part that everyone is looking forward to is the Minigame part with two little MCs who popularized the rules of the game, making everyone excited.

All of you had a joyful play session with the enthusiastic cheers of 16 classes. With the performance of the 11A2 branch, we would like to wish you all, the teachers have a really happy and successful working week. More specifically, I wish all of you to have an effective and energetic and enthusiastic review week.

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