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The opening event was an indispensable salute ceremony every Monday, all the students sang the song "National Anthem" in a solemn posture. Subsequently, a few messages was given to the teachers and students by our school’s principal. He attentively raised the awareness of self-protection from noble strain viruses. Three excellent individuals from each grade received red envelops- a symbol of encouragement from the Principal.

The Principal gave lucky money to the students

On top of that, our school once again welcomes our lovely interns who will accompany with us for the next 8 weeks . Hopefully, we will share a great time together.

Although there was no weekly ranking section as usual, instead, the event announced the results of the contest "The Youth Journey" held by the Delegation of Pedagogical Practice High School after the extracurricular trip in December 2020.

The classes received awards

Classes winning the photo contest "Youth Journey":

- First prize: B2K8

- Second prize: B2K9

- Third prize: A2K9

- Consolation prize: D2K9

The classes received awards

Classes winning  the video contest "Youth Journey":

- First prize: A1K8

- Second prize: A2K8

- Third prize: B2K8

- Consolation prize: A2K7

Due to the pandemic, A1K8 was not able to perform as plan. Nevertheless, A1K8 will come back in the nearest future with more captivating performances.In brief, A1K8 class wish for a efficient and safe week for everyone!

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