English: Nguyen Trang Bach Hop (A2K8)

March 8th, I visit the garden " Choose a beautiful flower for my teacher ... "

In the joy of welcoming joy to a new week full of enthusiasm of students, teachers of the whole high school high school. Especially today, the International Women's Day made everyone's joy even more doubled. March 8 every year becomes a common day of struggle for women working around the world, is a sign of the will of women all over the world to fight for national independence, democracy and peace. and social progress for the welfare of women and children.

Opening the activities under the flag is the opening ceremony of the week, along with the solemn attitude the whole school sang in unison with the song "Quoc Ca". Next, the check-in session took place with the preliminary competition of the week, some announcements about the new week's activities and the exciting performance of the class 11A2.

First, Mr. Phong, on behalf of the Youth Union Executive Committee, summarized the past school week, reminded the limitations and disseminated the activities of next week. School rules such as not carrying name tags, neglecting during class, even using cell phones during class time, are not serious. In particular, some students who violated many times should pay attention to correct themselves.

And then the awarding of the 3 best classes of the week:

- First place: 11B1

- Second place: 11B2

- Third place: 11D1

Finally, the performance of A2K8 class, the tense atmosphere becomes exciting and pulsating through a humorous quiz, helping the students entertain through a tiring week of study. Interlude is the minigame that everyone is looking forward to, with two young MCs who had popularized the rules of the game to make everyone excited. The minigame part took place in blocks. The students had a fun session with the enthusiastic cheers of 16 classes.

With the performance of the 11A2 branch, we would like to wish you all, the teachers have a really happy and successful working week. More specifically, I wish all students a very effective and energetic and enthusiastic review week.

All members of the Press and Media Club also prepare fragrant roses with small lines of handwritten letters to sent to the girls in the school.


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