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The Northwest of Vietnam is a mountainous region, the land of white blooming flowers, a sweet land of natural love, magical epic, colorful costumes and the homeland. of vibrant folk dances, captivating people's hearts…

People in the Northwest have enjoyed dancing since ancient times. Folk dances ofthe Northwest region have bold cultural identity, and show high artisticcharacter through each step and dance. Each dance also contains the soul, emotion and personality of the mountainous people.

The Sap dance is a unique folk dance of the Muong ethnic group in happy occasions, during the spring festival, today it is widely spread to many other ethnic groups. The props needed for a stall must have two large, straight and long bamboo stalls for a Sap and several pairs of small bamboo stalls. When dancing, people put two stalls separated just enough to hold the ends of the small stalls, each small stalls placed parallel, about two hands apart to form a Sap. The dancer divided into a group of beaters and a group of dancers, each group could be from a few pairs to many pairs, the more, the more exciting the formation.

For the purpose of introducing regional culture to teachers and students of High school Teacher Practice, Class D1K8 would like to introduce to the entire school the cultural beauty of the Northwest through the Sap dance in part 1, and Part 2 of this performance would like to invite the teachers and representatives of the classes to experience the Sap dance with D1K8.

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