New Spring Football Championship 2021

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Celebrating the Party, celebrating the spring of Tan Suu 2021. The High School Teacher Practice organizes a soccer tournament to unite the spirit of the students in the whole school, and at the same time, train students' health after the first semester exam. This is a traditional soccer tournament that is held periodically every year from Tet to Spring.

The traditional soccer tournament of the high school not only attracts a large number of students to cheer, but also a large number of parents who come to energize them to participate enthusiastically and enthusiastically.

Taking part in this year's soccer tournament, there are a total of 32 participating teams of 16 class groups (each class has 1 men's team and 1 women's team).

After the competitions, the Organizing Committee will select 8 male and 8 female teams to enter the semi-finals. After that, the 4 best teams (in the men's and women's groups) will enter the first, second, third and fourth prize rounds.

Final results:

- Male table:

+ First prize: class A1K7

+ Second prize: class A2K8

+ Third prize: class B2K7

+ Prize style: class A1K8

- Female table:

+ First prize: class B1K9

+ Second prize: class A2K7

+ Third prize: class A1K9

+ Style prize: class A2K9

In addition, the organizers also awarded the following prizes:

- Best Player Award:

+ Man: Nguyen Cong Nguyen class A1K7 with 17 goals in the opponent's goal

+ Female: I Dinh Mong Tuyen class A1K9 with 15 goals in the opponent's goal.

- Best Goalkeeper Award:

+ Male: Do Minh Khang, class A1K7

+ Female: Phung Le Anh Dao, class B1K9

- Talent prospect award:

+ Male: Huynh Hoang Phuc, class A1K9

+ Female: Phan Minh Khanh Quynh, class A2K8

- The class group with the most fans: B2K7.

Closing the football season to celebrate the new spring 2021 with many unforgettable moments in the hearts of the audience cheering. Wishing all the teachers, students and parents of the New Year the best.

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