Preliminary Ceremony of the First Semester, school year 2022-2023

Content: Ngoc Ven; English: Tran Tam Khang & Dang Nguyen An Toan (A1K10)

The Preliminary Ceremony of the First Semester, 2022-2023, was held in Thuc hanh Su pham High School with the approval of CTU and Can Tho City's Department of Education & Training, with full participation from students, the Board of Trustees of the Parent Association, school administrators, faculty, and all other staff members. This event, which aims to summarize accomplishments, assess effectiveness, and take into account the problems found in the first semester, makes the second semester even better.

In line with the theme "All for an innovative education imbued with national identity," numerous campaigns and renovations targeting "Autonomous, Self-Reliant and High-Qualified School" as well as "Changing the Current System into a Standardized, Modernized, Democratic and Global-Integrating Educational System" are all continued in the 2022-2023 school year.

The principal of THSP, Dr. Tran Văn Minh, reported gained achievements in teaching and learning over the previous semester as well as challenges relating to Covid-19 that have been overcome after the first performance, Flag salutation ceremony, and vocalization of the National Anthem. He also outlined the course of action for all students in the upcoming semester: While Eleve graders should be concentrating on future orientation and Ten graders should aim to accommodate new programs in high school and Twelve graders should be broadening the scope of knowledge at full steam in order to prepare for the upcoming Nation Exam.

The teachers and students at THSP put forth effort in the learning and teaching program during the previous semester, completing all well-implemented campaigns and producing many positive outcomes. After the learning process in semester 1 came to an end with many proud results obtained, the school decided to award 6 individuals who gained the best performances, 4 individuals participated and won the Science-Technology competition, 16 individuals had successfully completed the Young Creative Ideas Competition, 16 individuals successfully performed the Supervisor role, and a class gained the excellent movement and learning program in the first semester.

In addition, our school gave awards to 353 students for outstanding academic achievement and 217 for strong performance in the first semester. The goal of rewarding students is to motivate those who perform moderately to continue learning and participating in school activities. Additionally, it serves as the impetus for THSP's evolution in the second semester.

The New Year's football game trophies were granted as the ceremony's final act, much to the delight of both teachers and students. It was completely convincing to every student in the school that class 12A1 won both the men's and women's championships.

The many remarkable accomplishments made by THSP should be a promising start to a successful academic year!



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